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The Basic Gym Essentials

12 Gym Essentials You Need.

I've been going to the gym consistently for over 3 years. So, I'm sure you can understand that over time I've come to know what must-have items I need with me in the gym.

Some items may not work for others, but to give you an idea, I've only listed 12. Here are some of the must-haves I carry with me faithfully.

During the colder seasons, I usually carry an extra pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. You never know, ya might need to bundle up. Nights get cold and mornings are cold. It all depends on the time you go to the gym. Also, we sometimes have "mishaps", so it doesn't hurt to have extras with you.

Keeping Moisturizer with you is so important. My favorite brand is Nivea Skin Firming Lotion. The gym's soap can sometimes leave your skin feeling dry. So it's best to have it on you all the time, whether in the gym or outside of the gym. Click here.

Of course, there are germs and it doesn't hurt to be extra safe. I still recommend washing your hands between and after workouts. Click here.

I bet you're wondering why the hell do I need a notebook. Well, the notebook is to write down your workouts, keep track of your meals, calories, and the progress you're making. Click here.

I perspire a lot and it's important for me to have a clean rag to wipe my face and neck. Also, you can use the rags to sit on. Click here.

I am currently searching for the perfect water bottle. As of now, I'm going to keep it real, I'm using a plastic water bottle, but I'll be switching to a reusable, environmentally friendly bottle soon.

Click here.

My favorite brand is Dre beats wireless. I have several pairs that I keep with me if one should lose charge. And let me tell you, it's a total pain when you're focused and all of a sudden the headphones stop working. So, always keep an extra pair in your bag or your car. Click here.

I've just realized that a portable charger should have been added to the list. It's such a lifesaver. Let's face it, your cell will eventually lose battery life. Click here.

Using a wall charger at the gym is fine I guess, but it sucks when the socket is all the way across the gym. Speaking from experience, invest in a good portable charger and a fast-charging cord to have on deck all the time.

For those who only do cardio, you might not need this, but for those who lift weights, this is a must! I have seen people lift with no gloves. Let's try to keep our hands callus-free ladies. Click here.

You can't go wrong with an extra headband or hat in the gym. Click here.

I like to keep some lip moisturizer with me. My favorite brand is Glossier lip balm.

Click here.

Resistance bands are one of the best purchases you can make. If the gym is crowded, I usually head to an open room or space and do workouts with my bands. Trust me, you can work your whole body using resistance bands. And they are super affordable on Amazon. Click here.

Well, there you have it. Most of my gym bag must-haves. I'm prepared for small hiccups and more. Now, this may not be all of the gym bag accessories I carry, but It's the most important in my opinion. And this should be a good start for you if you are a beginner.

What other items would you suggest?

Leave a comment. I would love to hear it. Who knows maybe I could use it. Thanks for reading. Until the next post. Stay peachy!




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