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My Fall 2023 Collection

Okay, guys! I've included a list of pieces and similar pieces I'll be incorporating into my wardrobe this Fall. All pictures have links attached. Please click the picture to shop for the item of your choice.

This will be my first year wearing a textured jacket. I was surprised to find such good quality jackets in H&M and affordable. You all know I have been rocking my comfortable Adidas sambas every day. Links to outfit pics here. I love that I can dress up and down these jackets with the shoes I'll be wearing this Fall. Link to my Fall 2023 Footwear here.


Now I've had my trenchcoat for over a year. It was originally purchased from Target, unfortunately, they don't sell similar pieces there for now, but the good news is I found some pretty affordable pieces from Zara and H&M. The black felt textured coat is from Zara. I paired it with a hoodie and my Adidas Sambas. So warm and comfortable.


I've made it my business to stock up on blazers this year. They range from black, tan, leather, pleather, and white. You can't go wrong with a blazer. My Zara crop top sweater is my favorite. It fits me so snug and looks so amazing on me. I can't say this specific blazer will be worn all the time, but it will be in rotation with my others. This makes me happy.


Let me tell you, I was so excited to find a pleather button-down top. I have an outfit inspiration video of how I styled this top here. You can also check out my outfit inspiration with the striped top here.

Let me know which is your favorite and how would you style some of these pieces in the comments.


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