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My Blogging Journey

I’ve been on and off blogging for over 5 years, possibly longer. The reason

I say on and off because I seemed to always start and never finish. I would get so excited and pump myself up to start blogging. I would go through the motions for a month or two and then start worrying about what others think of me, quit, and delete everything. I’m not sure if that is a thing that happens to other new bloggers, but it used to be a thing with me. Notice how I said, "used to". I think after turning a certain age, I just don't give a fuck anymore. Just keeping it real. I don't care what people think of me or say about me. I had to learn that other people can’t see my dreams the way I see them. What you think about me is none of my business.

I’ve always loved fashion and beauty. Ever since I was a little girl. Why not do what I love and make it a side hustle at that. So fast-forwarding to now, It's time to show the world who I am and my love for fashion and beauty. Putting myself out there is scary, but I’m willing to work hard and mind my business. I started my blog The Confident Peach and youtube channel about a month ago and it has been a serious challenge. Figuring out how to balance between my 9-5 job, and building my side hustle at night. There are times when I’m up until 4 am, but I will say it does not feel like work. I absolutely enjoy it.


Happy Shopping!

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The Confident Peach


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