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How To Make An Herbal Smoking Blend

DIY Herbal Smoke Blend

Disclaimer: Inhaling smoke daily can harm your health. Please use responsibly.

Herbal smoke blends are becoming common today.

Some of the common reasons for smoking herbs are relaxation, mood enhancement, mental stimulation and energy, spiritual use, or kicking a tobacco habit.

I started smoking herbal blends about a year ago to help me relieve my stress, relax, and for spiritual use. Usually, if I’m taking my monthly ritual bath, I smoke a little to calm me as I say my prayers. Other times I just need to relax from all of the stress of the world.

Now when you start mixing your herbs, you want to have base herbs 40% - 60%, supportive herbs 30% - 40%, and flavored herbs 10% - 20%. To be honest, I just eyeball it. It works for me. Let's get into my 3 favorite herbal blends.

Have you tried smoking herbs? What are your favorite blends? I would love to hear. Leave a comment below.

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