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How To Find Your Style

How to find your personal style

From 2019 until January of 2022, I stopped shopping for personal financial reasons, you can read more about that here, and this was around the time everything was shut down. I honestly didn't have a need to shop unless you were shopping online. Well, businesses have reopened and I feel like it’s time to upgrade my closet and make some style changes too. But what if you don't have a personal style?

That’s ok. We’re going to figure all of that out now.

The first step is to find out who inspires you. It can be a celebrity you admire, a blogger, or an influencer. That is really up to you. Once you do that, it’s time to create a mood board.

A mood board is pictures collected that inspire your style or project. See the example below.

pics via Pinterest

Now that you've created your mood board, let’s move on to the closet. Spend a day or 15 minutes daily “spring cleaning” your wardrobe. Get rid of or donate what you don't need or want.

Next, Build your wardrobe staples. It's the easiest place to start. Here is a link to my basic wardrobe checklist to get you started. Try to keep in mind the style of choice you are creating. Take your time. It is not a shopping spree. It's a slow process, but totally worth it.

And finally, try stepping out of your comfort zone. Keep an open mind when shopping. Stay open to the new trends, but add your own twist to it, if need be. Challenge yourself to wear something different. If you like an outfit that someone wears, but could never wear it for whatever reason, look for similar pieces to buy. It doesn't have the be the exact same piece.

Are you ready for a change? Leave a comment and let me know what you did to develop your own personal style. I would love to hear.


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