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DIY Bath Salt | Self-Care

Self Love - the love of one's self.

We need to take time out to ground and center ourselves. Putting yourself first is super important to your mental health. During the week, we stress, put others before us, take care of family, and just take on so much. Stop it! I want you to pick a day and time where you will not be bothered. Put your cellphone on do not disturb and find a sitter for the children. Now that's done, you want to figure out how you will spend this precious time. Do you like journaling or maybe just catching up on your favorite shows, have some hobbies, or just relax to escape a hectic life? That's up to you. This time is all about YOU. One of my current favs to do is to take a relaxing bath. Here is a list of my must-haves for my bath.

A. Candles

B. Herbal and Essential Oil Bath Salt

C. Wine or Tea

D. Phone to catch up on my shows

E. Flowers

F. Fruit

G. Journal

H. Crystal for self-love (Rose Quartz is my favorite)

You can do whatever suits your mood.

Bath Salt Ingredients:

Himalayan Pink Salt

Epson Salt

Rose Petals


Baking Soda

Essential oil ( Rose oil and Vanilla oil)

Do you have your own way of making bath salts? I'd love to hear. Comment below.


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