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Day 1 of 7 Days of Summer Basics

Okay, guys, Summer is coming up and if you still haven't started building your wardrobe, I've got your back. I'm sharing my picks from 7 days of basics Outfit inspirations.

If you have been following my socials, you know I love having the basics to a wardrobe and that's really all I talk about and really try to push how important it is to have in your closet. So, here is a simple fit with pieces that you can wear on a lunch date, brunch, or a day at work, or switch it up with some cute flats if you don't like to wear heels. Every piece should be part of your basic wardrobe, a tank top in several colors, a blazer in the color black, beige, or white, and jean shorts, jean pants, and jean skirts. I hope you find this post so helpful. Leave a comment below if you loved this outfit.


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